Codemark Certified Organisations

Pro-Lite Architectural Systems Pty Ltd

Certificate NumberCM40219
Type of CertificationProduct Certification
Organisation NamePro-Lite Architectural Systems Pty Ltd
Suburb / CityGuanaba
CertificationThe Rhinoboard™ EPS Wall Panel System comprises of an M grade EPS grooved panel measuring 2500mm x 1200mm and is available in 40mm, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm thickness. The EPS panel also contains termite treatment and has a flame retardant additive. The Rhinoboard™ EPS Wall Panel System is finished with an approved render reinforced with an alkali resistant 160gsm fibreglass mesh finished with a 100% acrylic topcoat as a texture coating with a membrane finish. The system has a finish thickness of approximately 4.5mm. The Rhinoboard™ EPS Wall Panel System consists of: 1. Expanded polystyrene insulation board impregnated with an insect repellent compound and fire retardant. 2. The board is mechanically fixed to a timber/ steel stud frame or a reinforced concrete or masonry wall. 3. The surface of the RhinoBoard is and primed ready to accept reinforced render. 4. Plated screws and PVC washers for fixing the board to frame or substrate. 5. A polymer modified cement render reinforced with an alkali resistant fibreglass 160g mesh creating excellent adhesion and strength as base coat, with acrylic trowel on top coat. 6. External PVC angle beads and window trims. 7. Acrylic texture coating and or pigmented membrane 8. A high impact strength finish.
Certification Standard(s)Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2016
Certification Code(s)
Date Certified17/11/2017
Certified byCertMark International Pty Ltd